Download Alexa app for pc

How to Download Alexa App From is a virtual control device from amazon.  It not only solves user quires but also search for you on the internet. Alexa has become very popular in few recent years and keep on spreading all over the world. it has unique features compared to other smart electronic devices.

A regular user can easily operate Alexa to control other smart devices. There are various alexa skills or features that we can discover by download the alexa app from app store or microsoft store. These advanced features are developed by amazon skilled developers.

The Amazon Alexa app can be used for many different things. You must download the app to set up any of your Alexa devices.

You can download the app on Fire, Android, or iOS devices. You can also access the app via your desktop browser.
To download the app, you should find the app in the app store on your device. Then, you may click the download button. You may be prompted to enter your password. Finally, you can access the app and use it to control your Alexa devices.

How to download Alexa App

7 Simple Steps To Setup Amazon Alexa

There only a few steps to amazon alexa setup:

  1. You need an active Amazon account to setup your Alexa. If you don’t have one, create one at
  2. Download and install the Alexa app or access it through a browser at
  3. Login to the Alexa app using your account.
  4. Plug in the Alexa device. The light should glow orange.
  5. Add your device to your wi-fi network by selecting Settings -> Device Settings in the Alexa app.
  6. The ring should glow blue then turn off.
  7. Say, “Alexa, how are you?”

Learn How To Add Skills To Your Alexa Device

Once your Alexa device has been added to your wi-fi network and is working correctly, you can add Skills and change your device’s Settings using either the Alexa app or by visiting through any browser.

Here, you will see several options, including Skills and Settings.

Navigate to Skills for a list of fun things to add to your Alexa device. You can search by Category or Skill name, or browse through the list to find Skills such as games, news, and weather reports.

If necessary, you can also change your device’s Settings through