Alexa Flashing Yellow Light

You simply set up your Amazon Echo, and then you saw that the ring throughout the top is doing this blinking flashing yellow lights. What’s up with that? Here’s why your Echo might glow yellow, red, green, or blue.
The Echo does the flashing colours to inform you of different things, depending on the colour. Since the normal Echo and the Echo Dot don’t have a display, this is the only method they can let you inform visually that something’s performing on. Otherwise, Alexa would have to keep yelling material at you until you got disturbed, and that wouldn’t work.


Since your Amazon Echo is attached to your Amazon account, Alexa will tell you over your device when you have a message in your Amazon account inbox.
For example, when a seller replies to a message you have sent them direct, or when an Amazon purchase gets delivered, your Echo will display a flashing yellow light.
To find out what the message is, whether a parcel delivery or some other communication in your Amazon inbox, ask Alexa what the message is.

How to stop your Alexa speaker from flashing yellow using the Alexa app

1. Start the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Hit the three-dot in the top-left corner.

3. Touch “Settings.”

4. Hit “Device Settings.”

Why does Alexa flash yellow

5. Touch your echo and then tap “Communications.”

Why does Alexa flash yellow

6. Tap the toggle next to “Communications” so it turns gray.

Why does Alexa flash yellow

You can also use the Alexa app on your phone to read the message, and the flashing yellow light should go elsewhere.

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