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How to set up the Amazon Echo Dot and Tap

Amazon Echo Dot Setup Download Alexa App by using the url and get alexa app required to setup echo device. Amazon echo dot is a smart speaker which a user can use to get their commands followed like set an alarm, play music or set calander, read the news etc. If you area looking for steps to get your amazon echo setup then follow below mentioned instructions.



Before starting Amazon Echo Dot setup, make sure you have the latest version of Alexa. Select your devices icon in the Alexa app. After choosing your “+” icon, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device.

To set up WiFi, go to settings from your left navigation panel. Either select the option to update your WiFi or choose to set up a new device. Holding your action button should change your light ring to orange. A list of networks should now appear. Simply choose the network that you want and add your password if needed. If you have a hidden network, you may need to use the “Add network” feature.

guide to setup echo dot with full instructions

Set Up Your Amazon Tap Easily

Getting your Amazon Tap set up and running is pretty simple and straightforward. For starters, you’ll need to plug-in your device and then switch it to the “ON” position. After that, the Amazon device is going to need to connect to your existing Wi-Fi network. First connect your new Amazon Tap to your mobile device through the free iOS or Android Alexa application. From there, you’ll be able to go through the rest of the initialization process without any headache or hassle. At the conclusion of the initialization process you shouldn’t have to do anything else to take advantage of your new Amazon Echo Tap!
amazon echo tap wifi setup guide

Easy Set up for Amazon Echo Device

Amazon Echo Setup can help you to have your very own account of Amazon and gives you more opportunity to access and enjoy the product features fully.  With the proper set-up of the Amazon, Alexa will be able to use its multiple skills to respond to your command.

9 Simple Steps to install Amazon Echo

·         Connect to the Wi-Fi, then download the Amazon Alexa to the Appstore.

·         You need to plug in the echo.

·         Use Bluetooth to pair the echo and the device.

·         Let the Echo heard your voice.

·         Run a trial and error by giving the command to your Alexa echo.

·         Make some changes in your setting like what do you want to call you, so Alexa will what are your likes and dislikes.

·         Have a conversation.

·         Set up a routine like what is the time your garage gate will open or close.

·         Connect to other appliances. So, if you don’t want to cook, you will just command to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tips for using Amazon Alexa with Android

·         Search the Alexa app on your list.

·         Open the Alexa app.

·         Click the allow button and permit to open the microphone.

·         Have a conversation with Alexa.

Benefits of Using Alexa

·         Connects to smart appliances and can be controlled by Alexa.

·         It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

·         Features multiple skills.

·         Can answer to yourcommand.

·         Can text or call your friends and family.

·         You can be updated with the latest local issues.

·         It will give you an option for what to cook.

·         Help you to locate a place.

·         It will remind you of the schedule for the day.

Active Wi-Fi is needed for Amazon Alexa to function properly. Therefore, knowing how to set it up is necessary considering its usefulness to the user.