Use Echo DOT In Car!

Amazon echo tap and Dot have been launched recently and have received overwhelming response from users. Though Echo itself is not portable, these counterpart peripherals are made to be portable. The usability of these peripherals officially is not extended beyond Wi-Fi range by amazon, but early adopters have found their ways out by going through www amazon com echosetup or echosetup wizards to know more about codes used in echo devices.

Users were ranting about how they want to use echo in their car along with peripherals provided but didn’t get any peripheral update from Amazon echo help. Now, as we know though both tap and dot are small, modular and easy to carry but they have not been developed to be used without echo itself. Even if we want to use, say echo tap without using Echo, there is a fair chance that it will be catastrophic and risky on the road since it is a manual device. Tapping it will only distract us from road.

The only sensible way, if there is any, is to use echo Dot as carry along device and that’s when codeRoman combined echo DOT with a charging speaker and made a carry along speaker. codeRoman joined Echo DOT with JBL carrying speaker while providing it charging from USB outlet of JBL charge speaker. Thus using echo setup guidelines, codeRoman turned echo dot into an always on speaker.

However it is a working prototype and without using hands it can be operated easily, amazon echo setup support said this might create problems. First of all it is always advised to use echo with an unlimited internet plan. While travelling just make sure you have an unlimited internet plan. Secondly, internet connectivity is fluctuating during commute so expect halts and quality drops in usage.

Is Banking With Echo Safe?

As support for Echo is increasing day by day with skill development, various services are surfacing. Primality built as a music player cum voice assistant, Alexa can also be used for banking services. Capital one along with developers working for www amazon com echosetup or have built a skill for banking facilities.

Banking over the internet has always been an issue of safety. However with release of HTTPS or secure socket layer, banking has been made extremely safe over the internet. As Echo and Alexa do not have a pictorial interface, the scenario here is a bit different. Amazon echo setup has been configured to add skills easily to it and capital one skill is one of those. Now we will discuss various aspects of banking with Alexa to decide if it is safe or not:

The Lock Factor

HTTPS shows a green lock in URL bar claiming that connection is safe. However, as echo and amazon echo tap and amazon echo dot do not have a video graphical interface, we cannot be sure that connection is secure. If the connection is unsecure, it is very likely that the input we gave using our Echo or echo dot is likely to be transmitted to any third party.


Data sent over the internet is being encrypted by a 128 bit secure encryption key. Encryption ensures that no one can peek into our data. However when we read terms and conditions of capital one bank skill on echo help section, there was nowhere encryption was mentioned. In simple words, there is a big chance that even if amazon or skill builders are not peeking into our data, there can be any hacker looking into it hence robbing us off while we send our credentials from echo tap at our home.

Terms and conditions + Credential vocal announcement

The devil always lies in the details. We do not know what kind of terms and conditions we are agreeing to. Similarly, we will have to say our credentials out loud as echo setup clearly said that capital one skill does not support banking credential entering from supporting smart phone. Double edged sword of privacy is a big issue.