Download Alexa app for pc

How to Use And Download Alexa App for Echo Setup

When you visit and then you need to download alexa app for your echo smart speaker and complete the echo setup to make your home as smart home. This completely means that all your electronics devices at home like ac, tv, buld etc. all can be controlled by a compact smart echo device. This saves your precious time which can be utilize in other work, so thanks to this newly developed smart echo setup.  At first turn on this echo device using power button then press the smart home button on the alexa app. Now your echo device is discoverable through bluetooth or wifi and app will show all devices on the network. Select the device you want to connect and you are good to go.


Amazon Alexa App helps you to choose music, know your preference,and help you to plan for the day. You can easily access and give command as long as you download the Alexa app from the App store.

Use a smartphone to download Alexa app since smartphones have big memory, and it can be downloaded easily.

·         Connect to the Wi-Fi

·         Type in the search box Alexa app

·         Install in your PC and phone.

How to Download Alexa App For Different Platforms

iOS User

·         Search fromthe app store and download Amazon Alexa app. When it appears,click it and download symbol.

Desktop User

·         It needs to have windows 10 and must have an account from Amazon. Get it Now

Android User

·         It gives a simple way to download Alexa app.

·         Find the App Window.

·         Click the app window, and then you need to tap Google play.

·         If ever it does not work, there is an alternative wherein you will go to the app store and search for Amazon Alexa.

·         After searching, some details will pop up, then select.

·         Click the install button, wait until it is fully downloaded. Then, you can now open it in your android phone.

Easy Ways to Activate Amazon Echo Alexa

·         After downloading, you are going to set up the Amazon Alexa app. Look for the Amazon Alexa app in your app list, then select it.

·          If you have an Amazon Alexa account, you can easily sign in by typing your email address, or you can use your active number and password.

·         In contrast, if you don’t have an account, you are going to create a new one. Search Amazon Alexa Account, then click the Create Account and give the needed details like your like, name, age gender, and so on.

·         Click the Get started button.

·         Search and select your name.

·         Click continue button.

·         Verify your number and type the 6 digit code sent to your phone.

There are different ways to download Alexa App, but it will give you an idea how to download in whatever gadget you are using. Even it is already installed, it is still very important to know how to set it up or activate the downloaded app. 

Download Alexa App From consists of music, games, and books where you can have fun. In addition, if you want to buy new clothes, you can look for design that suits your taste of clothes. Furthermore, it is well- known as a reliable online shipping of clothes and many other products to almost anywhere across the globe.

Amazon Account

v  The android phone needs an Amazon account to install the Alexa app, and it will be used to explore more about the services offered by the company.

v  In creating an Amazon account, active Wi-Fi must be available.

v  With the features of the account, the transaction is safe and reliable.

v  You can listen to any music you like while reading.

13 Fabulous Steps for Amazon Alexa Setup from

·         A web browser is needed to search the website of Amazon.

·         To sign in your account, make sure that the Wi-Fi is active.

·         Click the account and lists tab to sign in.

·         If you are done with the use of Amazon account, you can click the sign out button.

·         The gray button is used to create an Amazon account.

·         Your name must be typed at the first bar and enter a valid email address or your active number.

·         To keep your privacy type your password and make sure no one knows your password.

·         To verify your password, you need to retype it.

·         Click the yellow button.

·         Check your mail and type the 6-digits verification code.

·         You can also edit some tab in your account.

·         To ensure the account exists, try to sign in by typing your email address or active number and password.

·         If it works, then you already have an account to use.

As long as there is a WI-FI to connect, you can access the Amazon sites and can start shopping by just clicking items using your account.


Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC



The Amazon Alexa device follows a voice command of the user. It can also connect to the appliance of the house. It simply goes to show thatit’simportant to knowhow to set the Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Echo SET UP Via Alexa App

·         In opening the setup, you need the Alexa App.

·          If you don’t have an Alexa app on your phone, you can easily download by using the portal called App Store.

·         After downloading, open the Alexa app and then you need to plug the device.

·          In order to have a setup of Alexa app and the device, open Bluetooth, and then selectthe devices.

Connect Alexa Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

·         Wi-Fi is very important to Alexa Echo because it functions multiple skills. But without Wi-Fi, it is impossible to respond in the user command.

·         The Wi-fi connection must be active so that the Alexa Echo will be able to talk and follow every command. It connects to the appliances and for analyzing the information.

·         Always remember that Alexa Echo Dot connects to a Wi-Fi with a dual-band.

·         Choose a place where there is an outlet.

·         Then, you need to plug the Alexa Echo Dot to the socket then open the Alexa app.

·         You need to find the settings.

·         Press the setting button, and then select the active Wi-Fi and device.

·         However, if your device is not visible, press the add device and chooseyour device name.

·         Press and hold the action button until the colors turned into orange or you can manually connect by checking the settings.

·         Select the Wi-Fi, and you need to enter your own-made password to avoid other people from connecting to your Wi-Fi.

·         Then lastly, press the Connect button.

Doing the setup and connecting to Wi-Fi tends is easy once Alexa starts working. Now, you can help other people to set up repeatedly.