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How to use an Amazon Echo Tap & Dot as a Bluetooth speaker

Until now, after Echo Tap was considered to be a device capable of extending commanding capabilities of Alexa only. However, tap is much more than a Bluetooth receiver and audio command forwarding agent. It is not just an intermediate. If we setup tap while Wi-Fi is on and an Echo is in range by using steps indicated at www amazon com Amazon echo setup, we can also use Tap as a TV speaker apart from being just an Echo speaker.

Echo Dot cannot be used as the same since it is only made to be an extender. Part from that it can be docked into a system and can used as a bigger speaker for Echo.

First and foremost, you’re TV, PC or any device whose audio you want to pipe through tap and echo, must be equipped with Bluetooth.


Benefits Of Using Amazon Echo And Tap As Bluetooth Speakers

There are many benefits of using echo and tap as Bluetooth speakers as:

Your roommate wants to sleep while you want to watch TV. Just setup echo or tap to your side of bed, keep the volume moderate and voila! It’s done. If you don’t know how to adjust the volume, then you can browse Echo setup to find the answer.

You are watching some kind of audio prior show say a cooking show, or a podcast while doing your daily house errands. Just set Tap by your side and let the sound of that show stream via Tap.

If you fall asleep while watching TV, the biggest downgrade is that you have to wake up instantly to switch it off or lower its volume especially if remote is lost. Just set echo by your side and whenever you feel drowsy just shut out the audio.

If you or anyone you know has hearing issues, it’s a general habit to keep TV audio levels to highest. It’s a menace for other members. Echo and Tap are perfect mediums so that they can only hear audio at highest possible levels while others are not disturbed.

Whenever we stream audio or Twitch TV on our console or TV, there is always an audio issue due to poor or distorted speakers. Amazon Echo Tap and Dot will solve the lost cause



Echo dot wifi setup
Echo dot wifi setup

Bluetooth Pairing Issues with Amazon Alexa

As the main device, amazon echo is out and so are the peripherals, users are trying to build connections with peripherals using their smart devices. Many have succeeded however there are several issues with multiple users in connectivity and we will address them here as follows.

 If Bluetooth is frequently disconnecting, users can check for the router problems. It happens often that if you have a dual band router and it is set to 2.4GHZ, just try and set it to 5GHZ and see for yourself if issue still exists. However if you have a 2.4GHZ router, you can visit threads on www amazon com Echosetup where it shows what profile do we have to use to connect Bluetooth stably to Echo.

 Normally wireless connectivity problems are eradicated by heavy refreshing or resetting the device by going through amazon echo setup support wizard again. However following are the steps if all these troubleshooting methods go in vain.

Users can try and find out IP of their router. It can be found by either of ways. Even echo shows IP of router to which it is connected. Users can also go to echo setup to find out IP of router to which it is connected. Also we can use a laptop connected to the router and open what’s my IP to find it out.

 Now users have to login to their Wi-Fi console using that IP. This is done in case amazon echo tap and dot are rendered useless because of connectivity issue.  Users can paste that URL in the bar, then enter router username and password in the text field and here you are inside settings of your router.

 In spite of going through all this users can also open echo setup and then, find their IP.

Now that we have come all the way from finding the IP then opening the router and inside the settings, it’s the time where our step by step process is going to be vague because unlike an echo tap device which has already same models, every router is different. Basically you have to select a 5GHZ band now and for every router the vague process will be same but it is possible than unlike amazon echo dot, settings would lie somewhere else in every router.