How to connect Amazon Alexa To Internet? 

The Amazon Alexa is the smart speaker; however, it is not so intelligent until one sets it up. Whether one just bought the Alexa device or has got one as a gift, they will need to set up the Alexa on their device first.


What Is This Alexa?

It’s a cloud-based virtual representative of Amazon built-into Alexa’s smart speaker and the other voice-capable instruments. Once an individual set up the Alexa, they can ask certain questions about traffic, weather, news, and more. One can even use Amazon Alexa to stream the music, set the alarms, and control their smart home appliances.

The Alexa is the brain; however, you will require to simply connect to a home Wi-Fi network to receive complete skills of both.

If one has changed the home internet freshly or simply tries to connect at a hotel or friend’s house, altering the Wi-Fi network attached to the Alexa speaker is pretty easy and quick.


connect alexa to wifi


Does It Require Wi-Fi?

The Alexa devices require a Wi-Fi link to operate. When one asks Alexa the question or uses the voice command, the audio recording is then sent to an Amazon cloud over the Wi-Fi network. It’s then concocted and sent back to the device over Wi-Fi so Alexa may answer the question or go on to fulfill the request.

Let’s now take a look at the step-by-step procedure to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi.


How do you connect Amazon’s Alexa to the Wi-Fi?

Firstly, you will require to ensure the Alexa is plugged in and the app on the Android or iOS device is free. If so, you are all determined to connect the Alexa to the Wi-Fi network.

  1. There on the bottom bar, you need to tap on More and then tap on Settings.
  2. Tap the Device Settings.
  3. Then, select the device and then tap on Change right next to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. The Alexa will now run through the setup.
  5. Choose a Wi-Fi network there in Alexa app.
  6. Now, log in to the Wi-Fi.
  7. Then tap to Connect.

Congratulations, you have connected the Echo devices to Wi-Fi. However, a noteworthy thing is you may always tap on Add the Network to simply do it manually when you cannot find the network. You may also tap on the Rescan to simply search for the Wi-Fi network again.

If you require to add the Echo devices to the list of the approved devices, one may also put in the MAC address. Also, there are a couple of optional settings. Another is to save the password of WiFi to Amazon.

Well, that is very much all you have here to read and learn about the procedure of connecting your Alexa to the internet. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more information. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in connecting Alexa to the internet easily.